The Internal Structure of the Windows Registry

MSc Thesis - Academic Year 2008-2009
Peter Norris BSc (Hons), MBCS
February 2009

  This web page contains the full report of this MSc project complete with the source code to all the programs and utilities that were produced. It is reproduced and made available here in support of the Computer Forensic community in particular and of knowledge in general. This material is copyright Cranfield University.  
  As from 16th August 2012 these files are on Google Docs  

Complete Project CD (iso)   113,102 KB   413a2d2bac78a94c720333ef95b62f89
Registry Structure - Main (pdf)   580 KB   02c18554d79b3359b7b49df4e8f0db1d
Registry Structure - Appendices (pdf)   2,740 KB   34a715b99c9bc1e37b5d02509a783997
Registry Structure - Supplements (pdf)   20,535 KB   030152b15d7ba940ac079fb47b07e32c
Programs (zip)   273 KB   ef063348b863c85feb30fecd4080c62f
Source Code (zip)   3,859 KB   82e9afb62316bcb13a94b9108b9626ff

  I am more than happy to answer questions about this project or enter into discussions or debates about this subject. I can be contacted by email at 'registry at suzibandit dot co dot uk'. Peter Norris May 2009